World record with Benelli Lupo

This Record consists in hitting a blade at 110 meters, fragmenting the bullet and hitting the balloons placed on the sides of it.

Bolt action used: Benelli Lupo

Cartridge used: Fiocchi cal. 308 W SEST 120

Optics: Steiner M5Xi 5-25×56

Distance: 110 mt

The test is particularly difficult as it requires firmness and absolute shooting accuracy.

The distance of 110 meters allows you to have a thousandth perception of the vertically placed blade and the optics therefore plays a fundamental role in being able to obtain the right shooting direction.

The combination of weapon, optics and ammunition play a fundamental role in this type of record.

The likelihood that the bullet cut by the blade, splits and hits the two balloons placed on either side of it is very unlikely. Having succeeded, after constant training, was a great satisfaction and confirms me, once again, that tenacity always rewards!