In this test, I tried my hand at breaking a clay target that was thrown manually almost vertically from my station.

Rifle assembly: Benelli Vinci semiautomatic, with the preloaded chamber with the clay target hit before it hits the ground.

Cartridge used: 12/70 F2 Flash 28 grams nickel-plated shot n. 8.

Chronographed time: 00.02.81

For this test. I tried my hand at shooting a clay pigeon launched in an almost vertical trajectory. Subsequently, I performed a quick assembly of the three parts of the Benelli Vinci semiautomatic shotgun, cartridge already placed in the barrel, to end it with the breaking of the clay target almost on the ground.

I used the 28 grams lead flash cartridge no. 8 (2.3 mm.) because it is suitable for speed and pattern, stable, and suitable for hitting the target, whether it is near or far from me.