This test consists in the breaking of a vertical ascending target, usually defined as a ‘candle’, launched from a distance of 150 meters.

Rifle used: Benelli 828 U Sport

Cartridge used: B&P MG2 Tungsten 12/70 cartridge with 35 grams of tungsten alloy shot of No. 6 (2.7 mm)

ClayTarget hit at: 150 mt

Speaking about ballistics, this test is very difficult, as you have to be very focused to be able to hit a target in distant movement and, above all, in a vertical trajectory.

The type of pellet used is also important in this type of challenge. In my case, the pellet with considerable density and hardness helps to maintain a very high residual speed while maintaining its sphericity, thus reducing trajectory delay and avoiding opening and dispersion of the shot pattern.