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"Passion for nature and love for hunting, feelings inherited from my father when I was still a child, during our walks in the woods. These passions have become my compass, a guide that, after years of sacrifice and hard work, have made me grow and become what I am today: a determined man, respectful of the environment, certain to be part of an ecosystem to love and safeguard."

I was born in Anagni, in 1988. I have always had a passion for hunting and shooting. I’m the youngest Extreme Shooter of dynamic skeet shooting, silhouette shooting athlete. Testimonial of Benelli Armi and Baschieri & Pellagri.

I inherited these passions from my father when, from an early age, I followed him in the woods.

I was still a child. I followed him in his hunts in the woods. I owe a lot to him, especially for making me love nature in all its facets.

I love dogs very much, especially hounds with whom I have a relationship that goes beyond training. I spend most of my time with them because I have always believed that being a hunter is a way of life, without forgetting respect for nature and the environment and protecting it from any abuse.

The passion for sport’s shooting was born almost by chance. One day, together with some friends, I experimented with rifle shooting by trying to hit some clay pigeons. From that moment on, I embarked on a competitive path that has led me to win numerous competitions at the national and international level as a Silhouette shooting athlete that has led me to become an Extreme shooter. A challenge that amuses me and makes me live my own everyday dream.

Happiness is: try to achieve your goals

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Hi, I’m Davide De Carolis and I welcome you to my sports corner.

It’s a space dedicated to my training, victories, medals and world records obtained with so much sacrifice.

For me dynamic clay shooting is a sport capable of giving unique emotions and sensations.


I did it with passion, enthusiasm, determination, and a lot of training.